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Monday, March 16, 2009

Somavaravrata-the ultimate fast for good husband and his well being.

Lord Shiva is my ultimate God! I ever had a daughterly love towards him. My life itself is a great proof of His love.

My studies were about to be over and I was placed in a reputed Organization. A good time to start dreaming about the lifepartner..:) I was seeing many people around and was attracted by one or the other of their qualities, and happened to describe them to my Mom. But we all failed to find a person satisfying all the conditions set by all of us…J

I started my Somavaravrata at the age of 22, when my relatives started pushing my parents to look for a suitable bridegroom for me. It was an inspiration from my aunts and Grandma. Like them, I too started having rice products only once on Monday.

One day I met an old lady in the Shiva temple who suggested a better way of observing Somavaravrata. After listening to her advice, I became serious about it and made it more severe to please my Lord. I started observing a complete fast till the evening on Mondays(only water) and broke the fast only after visiting a nearby shiva temple and having the Prasad from Him. Chant as much ‘Namasivaya’ as possible on that day. It would be great if you could please him with Bilwa leaves. Though my body got tired, my soul was happy and was confident on Him!

Three years passed ..Many blooming-turned-heartbreaks due to the incoming and outgoing proposals..I continued my prayers washing His feet with my tears at each heartbreak…
At last when I turned 25, I told my Dad, I am ready to give up my conditions for the lifepartner. It was just to make my parents happy. I started thinking if God is not giving what you are asking for, learn how to be happy with what you get. Then only we can become true devotees.
But to my surprise, a couple of months later, my parents received a phone call from a reputed family asking for an alliance. Horoscopes matched well. I was crying out of joy, knowing that the would-be –husband is the same kind of person I have been dreaming about all these years!!! Though we could meet only two days prior to our engagement, I can say with all my gratitude to the Lord, we are made for each other!
After marriage, I pursue a lighter observation of this Vrata, for my husband’s well-being. Yes, I am one of the happiest devotees of Lord Shiva. I assure you if you keep faith in Him,He will never let you down! Om Namah Sivaya!:)


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