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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We need to have a repair.

We need to have a repair.
Where are we going? Mumbai 26/11 shook me like any other Indian. Is there no security to life?
Escalating the issues and pinpointing others for making topics for discussion-that is what we are in to. Can India ever take a step beyond discussions?
Why we are in to blaming Pakistan based on the words of a captured terrorist? Who can assure you that the terrorist is truthful? Can’t we doubt that he is made to ‘reveal’ these to Indian nationals and thereby to make Indians fools suspecting Pakistan?
I strongly have a gut feeling that the captured terrorist is made to give us ‘wrong’ evidences. Can’t his boss’s intention be misguiding us through the captured one’s words? A third party is pulling strings behind. Its intention is to make nations fight each other and take advantage of the same. Gaining more putting little efforts!
I saw media transmitting Kasav’s words as if it is an Oracle.Are we foolish enough to believe those words blindly? And do you think terrorists will explain their plans A to Z?
Heard that Kerala CM has insulted Major Sandeep’s father Sri.Unnikrishnan. Was it the right way of behavior from a CM? No true Indian can do that. Remember, when we are sleeping comfortably at home, our brothers are awake protecting us in borders and tough places like Siachen, sacrificing their own comforts! A soldier is like a candle. Coming over their own desires, they are in to the service of Nation.They live by chance. Is it not a sacrifice? Being a soldier’s wife I felt really bad at CM’s attitude. He could have at least thought about the families of soldiers sending them for the duty with a smile on face, but with prayers on their lips and tensions in the heavy hearts. We can not overlook the difficulties which soldiers undergo as a part of their training to protect our nation. Of course, Major Sandeep’s father was using bad words, bad enough to trigger CM’s reaction. But as a leader, CM could have given a calm and matured reply. I am afraid we have degraded to this extent.
Let all these be aside, as attitude is something which we should cultivate within ourselves. Think outwards, what can we do to protect our nation from terrorism? The security should be tight enough. Where are the loopholes? Finding out the loopholes should be our first aim. Poverty is the big enemy which cultivate corruption and thereby terrorism. Any one can influence a hungry stomach by giving food. There will not be any advantage by preaching values to a hungry man. Each nation should assure food, cloth and shelter to each of its people. Each nation should keep a close watch on whats happening in its cor ners? Any brainwashing /ill-training should be reported and necessary action should be taken.
Above all should be the value based education in schools and colleges. The love for humanity should be enforced in the children above all religious walls.Terrorists are made out of young minds which are easy to get influenced. So the values should be taught right from home, strong enough that no brainwash can change it later.
For this we need smart leadership. We need young and smart politicians whose brain, views and aims are crystal clear. Swami Vivekananda had rightly said:”Arise, awake..”

Tail: My husband told me once: “I love my orderly more than you. In war, you will not be there to give me food, but he will offer his food to me”. This is the love of a soldier towards the other. Only a soldier can understand another one well.