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Sunday, November 09, 2008

“Kal memsaab ne sabko daraa diyaa..”

We reached our guestroom back , after his duty for one week in a distant city. Have to be here for one more week, before shifting to the accommodation. As we were removing our shoes, my husband got an immediate order to go for 5 days to a remote village in a different state.I was furious inside towards this order, but could not show to anyone except my husband. In no time he was ready and left for the duty, leaving me alone in this guestroom, in this new place.

It is secured inside the cantonment. Still the thought of being alone here for 5 days started disturbing me. I wanted to talk to my mothers(mom and mother in-law). Of course we should not trouble our parents, but when I feel helpless, I always looked for a my mothers’ lap.

I went for my evening walk, like an award movie. Came back to see the guestroom in darkness. The officer in the downstairs has also gone for the duty…The thought that nobody is there in that building put a spark of fear in me.I Put the lights on,took bath, had my prayers and started reading a book thereafter .

The orderly came with his pressed uniform . After asking him to bring the dinner around 9 pm, I continued my reading . As soon as he left I went asleep owing to the previous night's journey.

The Sahayak came with dinner by 9 pm. As the calling bell is not working, he statrted calling me.I had gone to a good sleep and did not hear him. He got frightened and informed the people in the mess..”memsaab ko kuch ho gaya hogaaa”(something has happened to her)...

What they could do was informing another officer. The officer rushed to our guestroom along with his wife who is again an officer. They both and our sahayak started calling me…Still no response…The officer also smelled some danger and he came to our balcony through the windows and started calling me from there!!

At last, hearing some sounds I woke up….I opened the door and gave a blank look at these three, little disturbed of my broken sleep.It took some minutes for me to undertsand the situation…

I begged their pardon and thanked them for their help. It took some time for sahayak to get relaxed, thinking of what would have been the consequences if something had happened to me and had my husband known about it…
They left soon as it was past 10 pm by then..the drama took around one hour to the curtains!
The next day morning, when he came to take the plates, sahayak was telling “kal memsaab ne sabko daraa diyaaa”..I could read the a past fear from that face.


  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger Dreamer said…

    :) It happens.. Wondering why you stopped writing in malayalam?

  • At 9:08 PM, Blogger മുസാഫിര്‍ said…

    Thank god u woke up in time .What would have happened if you had slept for one more hour ?

  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger മേരിക്കുട്ടി(Marykutty) said…

    appol sankar is still on coconut tree alle?

  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger Durga said…

    yeah...boat is still @ thirunakkara..:)))

  • At 1:16 AM, Blogger 420 said…

    This man was having trouble getting to sleep. He decided to see his doctor and doctor prescribed some extra strong, sleeping pills.
    Sunday night he took the pills, slept well and was awake before he heard the alarm. He took his time getting to the office, strolled in and said to the boss. "I didn't have a bit of trouble getting up this morning."

    "That's fine," roared the boss, "but where were you Monday & Tuesday?"

    memsab ne sabko hasaa diya :)


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