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Sunday, November 02, 2008

From the plains to mountains

We left for his unit location very early, the next day morning. As we were out of the plains, the journey became very difficult, but we were happy to have a skillful driver. Thick forest started appearing on the sides..We could feel the change of climate as we reached the mountains. It was incredibly cold. We could see waterfalls on the sides...

took some snaps on the way and by the afternoon, we reached Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. we were feeling extremely hungry as it was quarter to 3 in teh afternoon. Could not find any restaurants there..The only available ones were Nepali ones... We decided to try a nepali dish for the lunch. The restaurant was in the first floor of an old building..It was too small a room with 4 or 5 tables in it. The walls had pictures of dragons, and the room was furnished in Nepali style, using the colour Red generously everywhere. Chinky waiter took the menu from us and it took a lot of time to serve food. At last my 'thuppa'(noodles cooked with lot of leaves and tomatoes) and his noodles arrived hot. It was yummy indeed.
We came out of the restaurant and started searching for our driver. He came running and took us to the historical War Cemetery there.

It was a monument built for the martyrs of the second worldwar.he was attracted by the names and regiments of themartyrs whereas i was behind the beautiful garden out there...They are maintaining it quite well, with entry prohibited in many areas.We could see the entire city from the top of the hill. After spending one hour there, we resumed our journey.We were out of the city within a quarter of an hour.We could see lush green around, with the smell of the plants dominating in the atmosphere. It was as if we wre entering a forest.There were trees , trees and only trees around........Then started appearing vegetable sellers on the roadside.
Bananas and Pineapples were the only fruits available there.On the vegetable side, I could see none other than some strange leaves, squash and ginger.Contrary to what I have seen in the other places, ladies were doing the business.they were in their traditional wrap-around and shawl, looking quite ugly after the day's work.we got some pine apples and bananas from a lady and boarded the vehicle again. We passed many villages after that.The entrance to each village is marked by an arch with the name of the village entitled.By 5.30 pm, it was completely dark..We reached our guestroom around 6.30 PM, and had the pine apple pieces brought from the mess to freshen ourselves up..I could feel a difference in the taste of water. We had boiled water as I was new to the spring water.I never believe 100% in any filtration technique...How long will we have to be here in this forest?!


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