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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Journey to Nagaland

I was little worried saying adieu to my hometown, yet the thought of joining my husband helped to keep my spirits in tact. Yes! I am going to the ''Seven Sisters'' to meet him. And I was travelling with my dad after a long time.That gave me a kinda security and pleasure.It was half past nine when we reached Mumbai. My dad was happy to take me to his quarters. I became a child again.It is difficult for parents at times to consider their children as grown ups. My dad, being the eldest brother of 3 sisters can play the role of a home maker better than my mom! I felt little guilty as I was drinking the milk boiled by him. Bread and milk was quite enough for the dinner. We went to sleep soon as my flight was early morning next day. Dad's alarm woke me up. We got ready in no time. Though it was difficult to get one auto in to the defence area early morning, dad managed to get one. We reached the airport 2 hours before the flight's departure time. I started feeling bad leaving my Dad alone. My mindset that time was the same as a child whose Dad has come to drop her at the nursery school for the first day... After check-in, I came back to my Dad twice to see him again and again. At last one among the cabin crew had to remind me of the flight time. I reached Guwahati through Kolkata , after 6 hours. The food served was really expensive and I had limited my lunch in to some raisins carried from home and mineral water. Was feeling really hungry. At last I found my cousin n his wife waiting for me with their car, outside the airport. I felt bad as I knew they were waiting for me to have the lunch together-being doctors in Army, they were real busy ones. I was seeing teh Guwahati city for teh first time...quite deserted roads..not that attractive..Bhabiji told"there is a Vishnu Mandir near by. if possible we will make a visit this evening..." We reached the officer's mess and had our lunch.it was 3.30 PM! They took me to my accommodation in the mess, as they themselves were staying near to mess waiting for their accommodation.Guwahati was dampened yet hot that time. My cousin who is elder to me by around 10 years frightened me saying.."beware of snakes...thisis north east!" ...as soon as they left for their accommodation, I was all alone there...and fear started crawling within...As I always do, I made a check in the bed, pillows, bathroom, buckets, cupboards, drawers etc and made sure everything is safe. I was not sure when can my husband come down to Guwahati to pick me. It all depends on the availability of his casual leave.How can I live alone in this room alone?!! Evening my brother came to pick me up to their accommodation on his way back from the hospital. Bhabiji(brother's wife) was ready with tea. we chatted for some time. My brother copied some classic/cartoon english movies for me to a CD. Bhabiji want to go to the hospital for the evening rounds. She took me also behind her on her scooter. I was introduced to some officers(her patients) and we came back after half an hour. Brother was too busy in finishing a document. And despite their busy schedule, they planned to take me out for dinner. I enjoyed travelling in the car during night. the climate was quite pleasant with a breeze. We got inside a Chinese restaurant. I was not able to understand the names of even the soups in the menu..I gave a bewildered look towards my brother.Seeing this, bhabiji pointed to one item and told "lets be on the safer side..am sure this is a pure veg item.."..Three of us being vegetarians, it was better to on the safer side. I enjoyed the company of my cousins. we reached back and to my great relief, my bhabiji decided to sleep with me. The thought of sleeping alone in that strange place has been troubling me, still I was trying to be bold. But only a lady can understand another lady.:) I was too happy..at the same time I felt it quite bad as I am detaching his wife from my brother for a coupla days..they must be more matured than me.. Myself and bhabiji chatted for long and slept. She left early morning for PT. By the time they reached mess dressed up in olive for the day, I too was ready for the breakfast. My brother advised me not to get panic when you are new to your unit mess, to be relaxed and not to worry about the any mistakes in following the etiquette. But as the etiquette is almost the same as that we learnt in corporate training, I didnt feel anything new. Afterall, I had visited my husband last year soon after our marriage. I was pretty relaxed. Sending them off to hospital, I returned to room and started listening to the music, watching a movie etc. After two days, my husband got leave and came down to pick me from there. He was happy to handover a packet of sweets, a token of love to my cousins and was feeling very grateful towards them for their help. We left our accommodation the next day early morning, in a bus towards the railway station. The train is in the afternoon. We decided to take rest near the railway station. We boarded the train to Dimapur by the afternoon. Going to north east is like going out of India to me.The entirely different culture, people, habitat.. Assam, being planes is quite similar to West Bengal and is having more of Indian culture. As we go towards Nagaland and Mizoram, the mountain people and their chinky look will make you feel that you have reached outside India. Our train compartment was full of chinky people, except one Malayali jawan family. We reached Dimpaur by 8 PM. Jawans were waiting there to receive us. We reached the officers accommodation near to the railway station, in the army vehicle. We had to start early morning next day, towards the mountains..Yes,his unit is located in a very remote area in Nagaland.


  • At 11:07 PM, Blogger മുസാഫിര്‍ said…

    Good to see your posts again after a long gap.Enjoyed readind your travelouge.

  • At 5:29 PM, Blogger Rajani said…

    hi good to see you back in action have to read all your posts, for now your guwahati experience sounds interesting! i was in india, back now.


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